Little mascara collection

Hi all, today is all about mascara, a staple in everyone’s makeup bag.

These are my 4 latest additions to my mascara collection and I must say I LOVE THEM ALL!!


Start with soap and glory thick and fast. I got this in my massive soap and glory box from Christmas (this was my favourite present by far).  This is a great choice if you are after the fuller, longer looking lash. This doesn’t take a great deal of effort to get the desired look you are all after. The brush is brilliant it is a little on the big side which I will admit scared me a little at first, but it really is easy to control where you want it to go. It’s not a clumpy formula which makes it feel really light on the eyelashes.

Massive thumbs up for this one.


Next is the Rimmel london wonder’full mascara with Argan oil, this one comes with the comb applicator which for me is really clumsy, I do tend to go back in with a cotton bud to clean up the mascara that has gone onto my eyelids, I do like the separation of the lashes and the length it gives as well. With any new tube of mascara you do get a lot of product on the comb at the beginning but I have found that if you scrape of the excess on the top of the tube it does work well (remember to wipe around the grooves so it stays airtight when you’re done). wouldn’t say this was my favourite, but I do like it.


Next the Maybelline great lash in waterproof, it’s brilliant, the brush is really small which means you can get right into the corners of your lashes and get them all covered, it’s makes the them really really long and very full. Plus when it comes to the end of the tube and you don’t get as much out this makes it great for the bottom lashes! So great all round


Last but by no means least is this years most talked about mascara, Benefits roller lash, I have already done a post on this one which is here, this mascara is worth all the hype that it has recently got, it really does the job it says it’s going to do, it holds a curl really well, it lengthens the lashes and it makes them look full, all at the same time!


So there we have it, my little mascara collection.

Have you tried any of these?

What did you think?

Please leave your comments, I love talking to you all.

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I will hopefully see you all in Fridays post





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