The versitile blogger award

morning all you lovely people,

todays post is a nice one for me as I got nominated by Hayley from ItJustMeHayleyD for the versatile blogger award, thank you hun, really made my day to see that you enjoy reading my posts.


What you have to do is list 7 facts about you then nominate 15 newbie bloggers to do the same.

So… On with my facts

  1. I have a lovely little family already, my boyfriend Brian who I love very much and been with for nearly 11 years, and my little boy Riley who is nearly 7. Wow time really does fly!!
  2. I am a qualified gym instructor and have been since the age of 17, but I never did anything with the qualification as no-one wanted to hire a 17 year old female at the time.
  3. I am a loud and very stubborn Taurean.
  4. I had my hair dyed bright pink a few years ago, and I really miss it.
  5. I have lived in Spain for a brief period of time, then decided to move back to the town I have lived in since I was 3. I really do miss the summers over there though they were incredibly hot!!
  6. I have had several different jobs since starting work at the age of 15, including waitressing, shoe sales, bar maid, cleaner, herbalist and now I work for a food retail company as a supervisor (all of which were crap jobs)
  7. And last but not least, I have a system when I wash the pots, and if it’s done any other way I get really frustrated lol.

Anyway that’s my 7 random facts about me,

who to nominate to do it next?

Isla from Cloudy Mind

 Flora from Fashionflora

Jess from TheBeautySanctuary


Kal from The Cluttered Closet

Estée from EssieButton

Jemma from Dorkface

Ottilie from O is for Ottilie

Dagmara from Mummy’s Beauty Corner

Lauren from An Impatient Scottish Girl

I have only nominated 10 people as I can’t think of anyone else at the minute, and some aren’t newbie bloggers but all the people have come across recently have got long standing blogs.

Thank you all for reading and all those who I have nominated I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I have.




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