Mini haul

Hi guys

this post is late again as I have been having a few really bad days, I really just didn’t feel up to doing anything. But to cheer me up a little bit my boyfriend decided to take me to boots and treat me to a few new bits (the man knows how to make me smile).


So I decided to get a new foundation, 1 as I had ran out, 2 I had been looking at one for a while to see what it was like. I went for a No7 foundation this time, I have never tried any No7 products before so why not now. I got my skin colour tested and chose the beautifully matte foundation in cool ivory. It has an SPF of 15 and also boasts to last for 14hrs, I will have to get back to you all on that one as I haven’t tried it yet.

Boots have a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics at the moment including No7 so my boyfriend said may as well take another two products.

I went for the No7 concealer in the same colour cool ivory and  also got one of the No7 blushers in cool pink.

Think these a bit of a theme going on here haha.

Whilst I was at the counter talking to the sales person my boyfriend and son walked up to me with another little present, they had grabbed the Real Techniques Bold Metals Arched Powder brush for me to go with my Triangle Foundation brush that I got for mothers day.

That’s the end of my little haul but I will have a post on all of these and a few other bits I got for mothers day.

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Thanks for reading and hope to see you in next weeks posts.




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