The 30 day water challenge

Hiya lovely people,
As I am sat writing this post it is currently raining cats and dogs outside,  I’m pretty sure the weather is supposed to be warming up by this time of year!

Anyway onto the post for you.

We all know that our bodies consist mostly of water which needs replenishing every day to keep us hydrated, keep our skin looking healthy and to keep our internal organs running properly.
I’m not really one for drinking water a lot, I drink tea from the moment I wake up till about an hour before I go to bed, this really isn’t doing me any good at all.
So my goal for the month of June is to take the 30 day water challenge,  all that has to be done is to drink at least 3 litres of water per day. Now I know your sat there thinking the same thing as me (water is incredibly boring) you can add squash/juice to it and you can also drink other things during the day too.
My reasons for doing this is to try and clear all the blemishes I have on my face and also to try and improve my energy as I can get really lethargic during the day.

I had seen a post somewhere online that one woman had done the challenge and not only did her skin clear, but the dark circles around her eyes disappeared too. She had also lost quite a bit of weight (I can’t remember the amount or the measurements she lost but it was quite impressive).


This is my before picture, I have absolutely no make up on at all ( don’t laugh). I have cleaned my skin in the same way I described in my updated morning skin routine, (you can have a read here if you haven’t already) I am going to be taking measurements throughout the month and also an after picture and I will compare and share them on the 30th June.

I would love it if some of you would like to join me doing this little experiment to see if the results are similar.

Well anyway thanks for reading, I hope you join me at the end of the month for the results.


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With this experiment I have a very lovely woman joining me. Her name is Dorota, she was possibly one of the first people I spoke to when my blogging journey began. Why not head over to her page and see what results are. Her link is here, why not give her new blog a subscribe 🙂

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